Arclight Films has committed to handling international sales on writer/director Glenn Standring's second film, the vampire thriller Perfect Creature, and director Anne Turner's Australian/UK co-production Irresistible.

Standring's debut film The Irrefutable Truth About Demons sold around the world and an August shoot is planned for this next one in Dunedin and Auckland, New Zealand. Then the action will move from New Zealand to London for post-production.

Tim Sanders, who was one of the original producers on The Fellowship Of The Ring and one of the trio of producers on Whale Rider, is attached as a producer alongside Roc Media's Russel Fischer and Haneet Vaswani, of Bend It Like Beckham fame.

The film takes place in an alternate world where experimentation has gone mad and genetically created vampires protect humans from the ravages of viral and DNA mutations, that is until one of the vampires turns human killer and has to be stopped.

Irresistible, Turner's psychological thriller about a woman who becomes convinced that her husband's beautiful co-worker is trying to take over her life, will shoot in suburban Melbourne in Australia in July. Those attached include Spice Factory, Kennedy Mellor and executive producer Sue Maslin.