Arclight Filmshas acquired international sales rights to action adventure The Librarian, the first television feature to beproduced by Dean Devlin, who created Stargate and wrote Independence Day and Universal Soldier.

Arclight willrepresent The Librarianat Mipcom and AFM and it will be broadcast in the US on Dec 5 on Turner NetworkTelevision.

Directed byPeter Winther, the $10m project stars Noah Wyle, Kyle MacLachlan, Kelly Hu andOlympia Dukakis, among others, and centres on an underground stash of globalartifacts protected from the forces of evil by the Librarian.

Devlin and hisElectric Entertainment producing team Marc Roskin and Kearie Peak aim to makethree more Librarianfilms over the next three years with TNT, before taking the story to the bigscreen.

Devlin iscurrently working on a video game for release next year, while a novel versionis set to appear in US bookstores in December.

"We're exploringother merchandising venues to broaden the franchise," Devlin said in astatement. "Of course, distributors who get the first film will have first lookon the next movies in the series."