A UK/Australian co-production from director GillianArmstrong (Little Women, Charlotte Gray), a new film by the team behind2002 local comedy hit Crackerjack, and two documentary features, will gointo production as a result of decisions made today by Film Finance CorporationAustralia (FFC).

Myriad Pictures is handling international sales onArmstrong's Death Defying Acts, based on a 1926 UK tour by magicianHarry Houdini. The producers are Marian Macgowan and Chris Curling.

Mick Molloy, a key creator and star of local hit Crackerjackreturns with Boytown, which he is producing with lawyer Greg Sitchand has written with his brother Richard Molloy. This time around Kevin Carlinis directing and Element Films has international sales rights. Roadshow willrelease it locally.

Fortissimo has signed up the documentary feature HuntAngels, directed by Alec Morgan and produced by Japanese Storyproducer Sue Maslin, and Moviehouse Entertainment will be selling themusic-orientated documentary feature Rampage from George Gittoes.

The board also signalled its strong interest in financingthe directorial debuts of actor/theatre director Richard Roxburgh and shortfilm-maker Nash Edgerton. The producers of both films - Robert Connolly andJohn Maynard in the case of Roxburgh's adaptation of Raimond Gaita's memoir Romulus,My Father, and Louise Smith in the case of Edgerton's The Square -now have to find other investors and meet certain FFC conditions.

Nick Drake has adapted Romulus, My Father and TheSquare is an original story by Nash Edgerton's actor brother Joel Edgerton,who wrote the script alongside Matthew Dabner, one of Smith's producingpartners at Film Depot.

The financed features are:

Death Defying Acts (UK/Australian co-production)

Prod co: Macgowan Films Pty Ltd. Exec prods: KirkD'Amico, Dan Lupovitz, Marcia Nasatir. Prods: Marian Macgowan, Chris Curling.Dir: Gillian Armstrong. Writers: Tony Grisoni, Brian Ward. Int'l sales: MyriadPictures. Distrib (Aust/NZ): Beckers. Synopsis: A story of passion, redemptionand the power of magic set around the triumphant 1926 tour of Britain byrevered magician Harry Houdini.


Prod co: Molloy Boy Productions Pty Ltd. Prods: MickMolloy, Greg Sitch. Co-prods: John Molloy, Richard Molloy. Dir: Kevin Carlin.Writers: Mick Molloy, Richard Molloy. Int'l sales: Element Films. Distrib(Aust/NZ): Roadshow. Synopsis: Glenny G was an 80s pop superstar and is now asuburban schoolteacher. After hearing a cover version of one of his songs onthe radio he decides to have another crack at the big time"

Hunt Angels (documentary feature)

Prod co: Film Art Doco Pty Ltd. Exec prod: AntonioZeccola. Prod: Sue Maslin. Co-prods: Alec Morgan, Daryl Dellora. Dir/writer:Alec Morgan. Int'l sales: Fortissimo Film Sales. Distrib (Aust/NZ): PalaceFilms. Synopsis: An expose of a dark and dangerous episode in Australia'scinema history. It is the true story of movie making outlaws Rupert Kathner andAlma Brooks who, in the 1930s and 40s, took on the powerful cinemaconglomerates, a posse of police and the cultural cringe in their passionatepursuit to make Australian films.

Rampage (documentary feature)

Prod co: Gittoes and Dalton Productions Pty Ltd. Prods:George Gittoes, Gabrielle Dalton. Dir: George Gittoes. Int'l sales: MoviehouseEntertainment. Distrib (Aust/NZ): Madman Cinema. Synopsis: music documentaryabout the music emerging from

The features with a "letter of intent" are:

Romulus, My Father

Arena Film Pty Ltd. Prods: Robert Connolly, John Maynard.Dir: Richard Roxburgh. Writer: Nick Drake from the memoir by Raimond Gaita.Synopsis: A father's eventful life from the migrant camps of post-war Victoriato his wife Christina's struggle with mental illness. It is a story ofheartbreak and despair, but ultimately one that celebrates the unbreakable bondbetween a father and a son.

The Square

Prod co: Film Depot Pty Ltd. Prod: Louise Smith. Dir:Nash Edgerton. Writers: Joel Edgerton, Matthew Dabner. Synopsis: Raymond Yale,the construction supervisor of the Haven Cove Oasis resort, looks like he hasit all, that is until his beautiful young mistress Carla discovers a suitcaseof cash and lust overrides logic.