Growing UK distributor Arrow has announced three more all-rights acquisitions.

These new pick-ups follow the high-profile titles (including Burnt By The Sun 2 and Battle Royale 3D) that the company announced last month in the wake of the AFM.

Arrow’s new trio is headlined by Adam Green’s gorefest horror movie, Hatchet 2, starring Danielle Harris (Halloween ) and Tony Todd (whose horror credits include Hatchet and Candyman). The film, billed as a return to ’80s style slasher fare, will be released theatrically by Arrow in early 2011.

Meanwhile, Arrow has also snapped up rights to $28m drama Captain Alatriste, starring Viggo Mortensen. The adventure yarn, set in the 17th century, tells the story of Spanish soldier-cum-mercenary Captain Alatriste. The deal was concluded with TF1.

The third new Arrow pick-up is Russian historial epic 1612, directed by Vladimir Khotinenko. “The tsar is dead, chaos reigns” is the logline for the film, which was produced by Nikita Mikhalkov. Arrow concluded
the deal with Central Partnership.

“We’re thrilled to working again with TF1 on Captain Alatriste and to open up a new relationship with Central Partnership on 1612,” said Tom Stewart, head of acquisitions at Arrow.

Both 1612 and Captain Alatriste are likely to premiere directly on DVD.