TheArt Directors Guild (ADG) has announced its nominations in two film categoriesfor its upcoming Eighth Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards.

Theperiod or fantasy film nominees include Ben Van Os for Girl With A PearlEarring, Lily Kilvert for The Last Samurai, Grant Major for TheLord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King, Brian Morris for Pirates OfThe Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl and Jeannine Oppewal for Seabiscuit.

Inthe contemporary film category David Wasco and Yohei Taneda are nominated for KillBill Vol 1, K K Barrett and Anne Ross for Lost In Translation, HenryBumstead for Mystic River, Jon Hutman for Something's Gotta Giveand Stephen McCabe for Under The Tuscan Sun.

Theawards ceremony takes place on Feb 14 in Los Angeles.