With filming recently underway in London and the Isle of Man on EdPressman's sci-fi adventure The Mutant Chronicles, Voltage Pictures has pre-sold Japaneserights to Art Port.

Devon Aoki recently joined Thomas Jane and John Malkovichon the story of a band of humans 300 years in the future who battle an army of maraudingmutants that have taken over the world. Ron Perlman, Benno Furmann, andZuleikha Robinson also star. Simon Hunter is directing.

Rights have previously gone to Entertainment in the UK, Quality inMexico, Imagem in Brazil, West Video in CIS, SND in France, Belga in Benelux,Hollywood in Greece, Sam-Films in Iceland, LNK in Portugal, Tiglon in Turkey,TV Inc in Romania, RTL Klub in Hungary, Monolith in Poland, Blitz inYugoslavia, Star TV for pan-Asia PTV, Gulf in the Middle East, Pioneer in thePhilippines, Applause in Taiwan, M Pictures in Thailand, and Blitz inIndonesia.

Voltage's slatealso includes the World War I epic Flyboys, starring James Franco, Martin Henderson and Jean Reno; ElCantante, starringJennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony; and Ed Pressman's production of Sisters, starring Chloe Sevigny, Stephen Rea andLou Doillon.