Shootingis set to commence in Norway next week on Asif Kapadia's new feature TrueNorth.

StarringMichelle Yeoh, Sean Bean and newcomer Michelle Crusiec,True North will be sold internationally byFrench label Celluloid Dreams.

Based ona script by Kapadia and Tim Miller from a story by Sara Maitland, True North is produced by Film4, IngeniousFilm Partners and The Bureau.

A storyabout the collision of a native culture with greed-driven invaders, it stars Yeoh as Saiva, a shunned womanwho lives on the edge of survival with her adopted daughter.

TrueNorth (workingtitle) marks a reunion for the team behind Kapadia's award-winning debut, TheWarrior - TheBureau and Film Four. Celluloid's UK-based VP Janine Gold also worked onKapadia's first film and Film4's Tessa Ross said: "We are so thrilled to bemaking our second film'with Asif, whose visionary filmmaking in TheWarrior marked himout'as an extraordinary new UK talent, and also to be working againwith'producer Bertrand Faivre."