Production on Atlantic Alliance Pictures' Holocaust drama LoveIs A Survivor was put onhold yesterday (28) after producers said there were insufficient funds tocomplete the project.

Atlantic Alliance president Harris Salomon said he and Britishassociates had secured 75% of the Euros 7m budget, but added that the balanceremained "elusive".

Salomon said the New York-based company - not to be confused withCanadian media conglomerate Alliance Atlantis - expected co-producer Lew Rywin'sHeritage Pictures of Warsaw to provide co-funding, however the monies nevermaterialised after Rywin was imprisoned last year on bribery charges in Poland.

Production was set to kick off in Budapest in March under thedirection of Philip Saville, with Tony Curtis, Maia Morgenstern and ThomasSangster preparing to star in the story of two Holocaust survivors who fall inlove and meet many years later on a blind date in New York.

"All talent and locations were ready, but with a 25% hole in thebudget we can't do a thing," Salomon said. "Right now, I am looking for awhite knight, an angel, to come and save what could be the most importantHolocaust film projects since the end of the second world war."

"With the 60th anniversary of Auschwitz, I would have thought itwould have been easier to get some support from the film community or theJewish Community," Salomon said, adding that whenever he mentions Holocaust hecan "hear the doors slamming shut".

"In a Hollywoodabsorbed in the commercial there is little interest in this sort of film."Atlantic Alliance staff areworking on a new production schedule and hope to start filming before the endof the year.