Atmosphere Entertainment's Mark Canton and Platinum Studios chiefScott Mitchell Rosenberg are teaming up to develop a film of Platinum's graphicnovel Killing Demons.

Ascreenwriter will be announced shortly to adapt the story of a man whodedicates his life to tracking down the supernatural creatures that slaughteredhis family when he was a child.

Canton and Rosenberg willproduce. Atmosphere's head of production Steve Barnett will serve as executiveproducer and Platinum's director of development Aaron Severson and director ofproduction Jay Burns will serve as co-producers.

"Killing Demons is the kind of movie I really like making," Canton said."It's in the vein of Men In Black - an exciting, heroic big-screen adventure with comedic moments,lots of action and franchise potential."

"Men In Black was a huge success and we hope to raise Killing Demons to the same level," Rosenbergadded. "It is great to have the opportunity to work with Mark again,especially with such a unique and intriguing project as Killing Demons."

The pair previously partnered on Men In Black when Canton was chairman of the ColumbiaTriStar Motion Picture Companies. Rosenberg introduced the project to Canton.

Atmosphere's slate includes 300, based on Frank Miller's graphic novelabout the ancient Battle of Thermopylae starring Gerard Butler, and Books OfMagic, based on NeilGaiman's continuing graphic novel saga. Warner Bros will distribute bothtitles.

PlatinumStudios' upcoming productions include The Darkness to be directed by the Pang Brothers, Inferno,Fathom, and Meet TheHaunteds.