BVI's Shall We Dance'had no trouble holding on to the top spot in the chart in its second weekend,taking A$1,724,248 from 268 screens, or 18% less than the corresponding fourdays a week ago. It again registered the highest screen average, it being A$6,433.

Two UIP films fought it out for the next two spots with The Manchurian Candidate in its openingweekend losing to Collateral, whichis now in its third week in cinemas.

Three other new faces included. Exorcist: The Beginning which sold A$470,599 worth of tickets to127 screens for Roadshow to claim seventh place, Saved! grossed A$136,670 from 43 screens for Becker to land intenth position, and In My Father's Denfrom neighbouring New Zealand, took A$91,126 from just 18 screens to appear inthe fourteenth spot.