For the third consecutiveweekend of Australia's busy summer holiday season Meet The Fockers and TheIncredibles were first and second at the box office.

The UIP comedy sequelgrossed A$3,843,658 from 324 screens over the four days and has already sold A$21.6million worth of tickets in 15 days. The BVI animation took A$3,041,221 from408 screens and has a A$18.5 million total to date. Both opened on December 26,traditionally the most lucrative day of the year for cinemas.

January 6 saw three newfilms sent in to challenge the popular pair but they jostled with each otherinstead to round out the top five. BVI's Ladder 49 grossed A$1,664,356from 219 screens, UIP's The Spongebob Squarepants Movie grossedA$1,609,242 from 245 screens and Roadshow's Racing Stripes grossedA$1,462, 663 from 227 screens.

The only other opening filmin the chart on the weekend was Australian skateboarding film Deck Dogz.Against the fierce competition it grossed A$124,302 from 101 screens to claimfifteenth spot for UIP.