Elektra secured third place for the four-day weekend toJanuary 16 after 20th Century Fox premiered it on 226 screens around thecountry. The A$1,711,680 gross gave it a screen average of A$7,574, second onlyto UIP's Meet The Fockers, which has lead the chart for four consecutiveweekends.

Third on the measure ofscreen average was The Motorcycle Diaries, which is only on 27 screens. TheFockers' running mate, BVI's The Incredibles, was second for thefourth weekend.

There were three other newfaces in the top 20. After The Sunset took A$643,839 from 134 screensfor Roadshow to claim eighth spot and Kinsey took A$169,958 from 35screens for Fox to show up in fifteenth place. Sideways grossed A$97,795from 53 screens, also for Fox, but is only on previews.