It is highly unusual to see the first three spots in the top20 chart occupied by openers but that is exactly what happened on the four-dayweekend to October 17. And there were no other new faces in the chart.

Leading the charge was the Collateral, starring Australia's one-time adopted son Tom Cruise bydint of his now dissolved marriage to Nicole Kidman. It took A$2,461,144 from299 screens for UIP. Collateral alsoscored the highest screen average in the chart with A$8,231 - but not farbehind was The Weeping Camel, whichis in its third week for Dendy Films and is only on 11 screens.

Next in line was the Roadshow's The Notebook, which grossed A$1,066,923 from 155 screens, andbiting at its heels was Icon's Open Water,which sold A$1,004,570 worth of tickets to just two less screens. The Notebook was on previews during theprevious weekend but this was the first outing for the other two pictures.