At no time this year until now has there been eight openersin the top 20 list or five in the top 10. The Olympics can take some of thecredit for that, and it turned out to be a wise decision by distributors givenhow well the Australian team did.

The only Australian film among these new faces, thelong-awaited Somersault, tookA$181,664 to just scrape into the top 10. Being on 21 screens only, its screenaverage of A$8,650 was the highest in the list with the exception of Nascar: The IMAX Experience.

The most popular film of the weekend was Garfield, which took A$2,016,197 from269 screens in four days for 20th Century Fox. Dodge Ball: A True Underdog Story, from the same distributor, tookA$1,626,975 from 256 screens in its second week and the third place wentto Roadshow's Catwoman, which took A$1,030,489 from 174 screens.