The Australian teen picture Hating Alison Ashleygrossed A$531,144 from 180 screens in its first four days in cinemas, enablingit to claim the fourth spot in the chart. The Hoyts film, which is adapted fromthe well-known book of the same name, attracted additional publicity because ofthe first-time film presence of pop star Delta Goodrem, although the biggerrole belongs to young actor Saskia Burmeister.

Sony Pictures' Hitch was the most popular filmfor the third consecutive weekend, grossing A$1,790,430 from 356 screens, and BeCool, in its second weekend for 20th Century Fox, was againsecond with A$912,125 from 241 screens. These had the two highest screen countsin the chart. Third was another Sony film, Are We There Yet' in itssecond weekend. It took A$597,570 from 172 screens.

The twofilms with the highest screen average both appeared mid-way down the chart andwere the only openers besides Hating Alison Ashley. Sony's BeingJulia took A$250,983 from 39 screens to record an average of A$6,435, andBVI's The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou took A$137,712 from 22 screens,or A$6,260 per screen. They came eighth and tenth respectively.

There were also two films on previews. BVI's ThePacifier took A$115,647 from 141 screens to score the thirteenth spot andRoadshow's Bad Education just scraped in with a gross of A$46,518 fromonly 14 screens.

There were many films released on Thursday that didn'tmake it into the chart they were: The Darkness, Baadasssss!, Lightning In ABottle, Madame Sate and, on previews, Look At Me.