Bridget Jones - TheEdge Of Reason had no trouble staying ahead of the pack in its secondweekend in Australian cinemas, grossing A$3,245,873 for UIP. Being on 370screens made it readily accessible to patrons.

The next most popular films at the cinema for the four daysending on Sunday were both openers from Roadshow. They were The Grudge, which took A$1,883,839 from184 screens, and The Polar Express,which grossed A$1,196,432 from 226 screens.

The Grudge had thehighest screen average in the chart at A$10,238 whereas four films did betterthan Polar Express being, in order,MG Distribution's Veer Zaara on onlyeight screens, Bridget Jones, andUIP's Napoleon Dynamite, on only 10screens.

The two specialist titles, both in their second week onrelease, were the only films in the chart that managed to climb up the ladderand Napoleon Dynamite actuallygrossed more than the previous week.