Local comedy Thunderstruckwas the fourth most popular film at cinemas on the weekend, taking A$358,890from 162 screens for Icon. While this was well behind the big Hollywoodblockbusters Troy and Van Helsing, it measured up reasonablywell against third placed Twisted,the new release from UIP, which took A$477,471 from 138 screens.

Troy and Van Helsing dropped 35% and 33%respectively. Roadshow's Troy tookA$4,296,886 from a massive 418 screens in what was its second weekend and UIP'sVan Helsing took A$1,446,951 from 335screens in its third weekend.

Troy's screenaverage is the highest in the chart at A$10,279 but snapping at its heels wasanother new release from UIP, The Cooler,which took A$128,403 to claim the 11th spot. Comparisons are spurious, however,as The Cooler only released on 14screens.

The only other opener in the chart was Wondrous Oblivion, which Icon and Hopscotch are handling jointly.It took A$119,028 from 44 screens to land one place behind The Cooler.