In its second weekof previews, Fahrenheit 9/11 tookA$1,134,249 for Hopscotch from 89 screens to claim the third spot after I, Robot and King Arthur. This is an amazing result for a political documentaryand especially for one that is yet to officially open.

I, Robot, in its opening weekend for 20th Century Fox, sold just over four timesas many tickets to nearly four times the number of screens, that is, it grossedA$4,638,348 from 346 screens. It's screen average was A$13,405 compared to9/11's A$12,744.

King Arthur, in its second weekend on release and afterone week at the top took A$1,522,685 from 300 screens for BVI to come third.It's screen average, at A$5,075, was the fourth highest in the chart, beingalso beaten by the IMAX film OceanWonderland 3D.