Despite a cold receptionfrom the critics, Australian comedy Strange Bedfellows was able to claimthird place in the charts on the five-day holiday weekend due to its verystrong A$1,373,957 gross from 194 screens.

Obviously there remains alot of affection for the Becker film's stars, Paul 'Crocodile Dundee'Hogan and Michael Caton from The Castle, who play a pair pretending tobe gay in order to trick the tax department.

The most popular film of theweekend, and the only other opener to appear in the chart, was Kill BillVol. 2, which grossed A$3,631,730 from 280 screens. Kill Bill knockedanother BVI title off the top of the chart, it being Starsky & Hutch which,in its third week, grossed A$1,715,732 on eight more screens.

Kill Bill's screen average of A$12,970 was far ahead of all theother films in the top 20 chart. Sharmill's French comedy Ruby & Quentin(Tais-Toi!) has the next highest at A$11,073 but is only on 12 screens, andHopscotch's The Barbarian Invasions registered A$9,876 and is on 15. Bothfilms are in their third week.

Roadshow's EternalSunshine Of The Spotless Mind, in its second week, also deserves a mentionat A$9,509, especially as it is on 59 screens. The film slipped just 0.15% fromits opening weekend despite losing a screen.