The BVI opener NationalTreasure knocked Bridget Jones - TheEdge Of Reason off the top spot on the weekend box office chart. National Treasure grossed A$1,897,455from 277 screens compared to A$1,716,197 from 351 screens for Bridget Jones, but the UIP film has nowbeen in cinemas for over two weeks.

Two other openers made it into the top ten. Coming fifth andsixth were Sony Pictures' Bad Santa,which grossed A$847,632 from 180 screens for Sony Pictures, followed by Garden State, which grossed A$347,679 from55 screens for BVI. Garden State wasthe second best performer in the chart using screen average as a measure -- National Treasure, on five times morescreens, averaged A$6,850 compared to GardenState's A$6,321. Third was Roadshow's TheGrudge, which was third in the chart in its second weekend on release, andaveraged A$6,067.