Closer has knocked Meet The Fockers off the top ofthe chart, where UIP's in-laws comedy has reigned for the previous fiveweekends.

In its opening weekend SonyPictures' Closer took A$1,609,499 from 157 screens for the four days toand including January 30, equating to a screen average of A$10,252, the highestin the chart. The A$1,158,856 taken from 279 screens by Meet The Fockersput it in second place.

Rounding out the top five,and within A$50,000 of each other, was Roadshow's Racing Stripes, whichis in its fourth week, UIP's Ray, which took A$738,956 from 180 screensin its opening weekend, and Roadshow's Alexander, which fell from secondto fifth place in its second week in cinemas. Ray was in the chart lastweek on previews.

Besides Closer and Ray, theonly other opener was Sideways, which took A$530,937 to claim theseventh spot in the chart. Helped by being on a relatively low 59 screens, itsscreen average was A$1 short of A$9,000, the second best result from these 20most popular films. The one other new face in the chart was Million DollarBaby on previews. It grossed A$189,912 from 103 screens on previews.