Two of the three most popular films in cinemas on theweekend are openers. They are BVI's TheVillage, which grossed A$3,117,621 from 290 screens, and Columbia TriStar's13 Going On 30, which grossedA$1,783,128 from 221 screens. Separating them was UIP's The Bourne Supremacy, which sold A$2,585,052 work of tickets to 311screens on its second weekend.

20th Century Fox chose not to officially open Dodgeball in the four-day period,instead giving it a weekend on previews. The comedy's A$157,610 gross was enoughfor it to get into the top 10 - but only just.

Three other new faces were in the top 20 chart. Coming oneafter the other in 15th and 16th place is TheCorporation, released by Gil Scrine Distribution on 10 screens for a grossof A$67,312, and Zatoichi, a BVIrelease that grossed A$65,539 from 15 screens. The third was Nascar: The IMAX Experience/LSF. As isoften the case with IMAX films, its screen average was more than doubleeverything else in the chart.