The slick local gangster pic Gettin' Square has not lived up to the high hopes some had for it in its first weekend. It opened in eleventh position, taking A$359,197 from 132 screens for Hoyts. But it is still early days.

The two other new faces in the chart are the UK production Calendar Girls, which turned in an excellent A$937,658 from two less screens than Gettin' Square to score the fourth spot for BVI.

Meanwhile New Zealand thriller Perfect Strangers impressed taking A$100,604 from only 27 screens for 20th Century Fox to land 16th place. Gaylene Preston's film is a chilling romance about a woman who when she finds herself the subject of a man's romantic obsession is at first captivated by his charm and attentiveness but comes to realise she's been kidnapped when he sails her away to his shack on a deserted island.

Australian actress Rachael Blake stars alongside Sam Neill in his first New Zealand produced film since Jane Campion's The Piano a decade ago. It opens in new Zealand in the new year.

Despite being in its fifth weekend and losing nearly 30 screens, BVI's Pirates Of The Caribbean lead the chart. The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman, distributed by 20th Century Fox, knocked it from the top spot when it opened last week but was unable to hold that lead.