Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World grossed A$3,078,560 from 324 screens on its opening four-day weekend. This result meant the 20th Century Fox drama easily claimed the top spot. Contributing factors included extremely strong reviews, a big print and advertising budget, a wide release, thus ensuring it was easily accessible, and the presence of a much admired adopted Australian actor, namely Russell Crowe. Film-aware types would also have been keen to see the next film by highly-regarded Australian director Peter Weir.

The only other opener that made it into the charts was Icon's Cabin Fever, which grossed A$298,117 from 107 screens to land the eighth position. Otherwise the films did more-or-less what is expected: slipping down the chart as new releases roll over the top of them. The exception was Roadshow's Elf, which sold more tickets on its second weekend than its first, despite being on the same number of screens.