Roadshow's ambitious release of Australian dance party film One Perfect Day - 152 screens is a big number for a local film - earned it the seventh spot in the box office chart with a gross of A$437,248 from 152 screens.

Another opener, Mona Lisa Smile from Columbia TriStar, leapt into the top spot from being in tenth position last week on previews. It took A$2,049,665 from 237 screens and scored the highest screen average of the week.

BVI's Under The Tuscan Sun attained the next highest screen average in its second week, but was beaten to the second spot in the chart by Fox's Stuck On You.

The third opener of the weekend was Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. It took A$417,412 from 126 screens to land the tenth spot in the chart for UIP.

Two limited release films took more this weekend that the previous weekend and they were UIP's Lost In Translation, which is now in its ninth week on release, and Roadshow's House Of Sand And Fog.