Austria, Poland and Swedenhave announced their contenders for the foreign language Oscar category.

- Veteranfilmmaker Feliks Falk's The Collector (Komornik), which charts 48 hoursin the life of a ruthless debt collector, has been selected as the Polish entry.

Falk's first film for ten years, The Collector was the bigwinner at the 30th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, picking up a string ofprizes including the Golden Lions Grand Prix for Best Film.

- Michael Haneke's Hidden (Cache) has been chosen as Austria'scandidate.

The drama about a successful TV presenter who is confronted withhis past when a stranger terrorises him with mysterious drawings and videotapes had its world premiere in the official competition in Cannes where it wonthe prize for Best Direction. It is currently invited to screen at thefestivals in Rio de Janeiro and Pusan.

-Sara Johnsen's feature film debut Vinterkyss has been named as Norway's candidate. The film won the Amanda for Best Actress and Best Nordic Feature Debut at this year's Haugesund International Film Festival.

- Josef Fares' Zozo has been put forward as Sweden's entry. Written anddirected by Fares and produced by Anna Anthony, Zozo screened this year's Toronto Film Festival.

Zozo wasproduced by Memfis Film Rights V in collaboration with ZentropaEntertainments5, Zozo/SigmaIII Films, Film i Väst, Sveriges Television (SVT)and Nordisk Film- & TV Fond/Svend Abrahamsen, with advance allocation fromthe Swedish Film Institute/Per Nielsen and the Danish Film Institute/LenaHansson-Varhegyi, in collaboration with Canal+ Television and Invicta CapitalLtd. The film is distributed in Sweden by Sonet Film.