Another thunderous performance from Marvel Studios’ superhero soup boosted the running total to $441.5m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International. The record-breaking domestic launch combined for a $641.8m global tally.

The film opened in North America on an all-time high of $200.3m and scored $151.5m in the rest of the world to make $1bn a realistic target for the final worldwide box office. It is active in 52 territories, which accounts for 95% of the international footprint, and notched up notable debuts in Russia (May 3) on $17.9m for Marvel’s biggest opening weekend and China on $17.4m.

Of the overall international weekend gross, roughly $16.1m came from IMAX screens, which combined with the $15m North American tally for a $31.2m global figure.

In second weekend holds the UK generated $12.9m for $48.1m, Mexico $9.7m for $40.2m, Australia $8.6m for $32.2m, South Korea $11.1m for $31.3m, Brazil $8.3m for $31m, France $6.7m for $26.4m and Italy $2.9m for $18.8m.

Elsewhere The Avengers has amassed $18.3m in Germany after adding a further $5.4m and $14.4m in Spain following a $2.9m haul. The film stands at $14.3m in Taiwan and an astonishing $11.5m in the Philippines. Remaining territories account for $119.7m according to Disney data.

As reported previously here, it has produced the all-time highest launch weekends in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Central America, Peru, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The Avengers crossed the $600m global threshold in a record 12 days and has already overtaken the final international tallies of Iron Man ($266.7m), Iron Man 2 ($311.5m), Thor ($268.3m) and Captain America ($192m).