Ballots for the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations will be posted to the SAG Awards film and television nominating committees on November 20.

Votes for nominees may be cast online or via posted paper ballot. The SAG Awards’ official teller, Integrity Voting Systems, must receive votes by 12noon Pacific Time on December 9.

The nominations will be announced by SAG president Ken Howard, SAG Awards social media ambassador Sasha Alexander and Clark Gregg on December 11.

Final voting information will be posted via postcard to all eligible voting members of SAG-AFTRA on December 16. 

Online voting is encouraged and paper ballots will be made available only upon request, which must be made by January 6 2014.  All votes must be received at Integrity Voting Systems by 12noon Pacific Time on January 17.

The awards show itself is scheduled to take place on January 18 2014 in Los Angeles.