Fuelled by a massive Japan bow at the weekend, Harry Potter AndThe Prisoner Of Azkabanadded an estimated $40.9m from more than 9,200 screens in 50 countries to raiseits international running total to $321.7m.

Alfonso Cuaron's acclaimed third episode in the hit children'sfranchise took a staggering $17.5m (Y1.9bn) from 782 screens in Japan, includingSaturday previews of $3.8m (Y412.1m).

This figure marks the third biggest industry bow of all time inJapan behind Warner Bros releases The Matrix Reloaded and Harry Potter And The Chamber OfSecrets.

Saturday alone grossed '720m for the second biggest industrySaturday of all time behind Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, which opened on a holiday weekend.

Elsewhere, Azkaban stayed top in the UK on $3.9m for $72.9m and now ranks as thethird biggest Warner Bros release of all time there, behind the two previousinstalments.

It stayed top in Spain too, adding $3.1m for $12.4m, and added$1.7m for $16.9m in Australia, where it is now the fourth biggest release ofall time, behind the first two Potters and Pretty Woman.

Azkaban added$3.7m for $39.5m in France and grossed $2.5m for $39.2m in Germany.

Troy addedan estimated $7.4m from more than 4,300 screens in 60 countries to raise itscumulative score to $327.3m.

Latest markettotals put Germany on $33.4m, Japan on $32.5m, the UK on $30.3m, Spain on$21.7m and Italy on $19.4m.