BAFTA/LA, which hosted its9th Annual Tea Party on Jan 18, has positioned the influential event as ayearly fixture to take place on the Saturday before the Golden Globes.Executives at the UK film and television body's LA affiliate were buoyedby the turn-out at the recent party in Los Angeles, which attracted animpressive roster of creative and executive types. Attendees included GoldenGlobe winner Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Sir Michael Caine, Adrien Brody,Stephen Daldry, and Harvey Weinstein.

The event, previously heldon the Saturday before the Academy Awards to attract British nominees who werein town for the Oscars on the Sunday, had lost lustre last year when the BAFTAawards were shifted forward to take place before the Oscars. With nothing topromote or lobby for, celebrity turnout was low.

As of next year when theAcademy Awards will take place a month earlier in late Feb, BAFTA/LA opted tomove its tea party forward again, this time to coincide with Brit attendees forthe Globes.