Lionsgate has taken US rights from Relativity Media and Mosaic MediaGroup to the heist thriller Baker Street, also known as The Bank Job.

ArclightFilms is handling international rights on the film, which stars JasonStatham and Saffron Burrows and recounts events surrounding an unsolved1971 bank robbery in London. Roger Donaldson is directing.

Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais wrote the screenplay and Mosaic Media Group's Charles Roven and Steven Chasman produced.

GeorgeMcIndoe, Ryan Kavanaugh, David Alper, Gary Hamilton, Alex Gartner, AlanGlazer and Christopher Mapp served as executive producers.

RelativityMedia and the Omnilab Media Group of Australia are financing the film,currently in production in the UK with principal photography due to endin March.

'The crime was never solved, and The Bank Job posesa startling reason for that, one that has its origins in very highplaces,' Lionsgate's president of theatrical films Tom Ortenberg said.

'Basedon what we've seen from our first few weeks of production, The Bank Jobis going to be a knockout thriller woven around themes of murder, sexand corruption,' Chasman said.

The deal was negotiated byLionsgate's acquisitions chief Peter Block, along with Eda Kowan, WendyJaffe and Relativity Media's Aaron Michiel.

Relativity's Ryan Kavanaugh is one of the featured speakers at Screen International's FINANCING FILMS IN AMERICA conference in London on March 20th.