Real estate developers andentrepreneurs Joseph Scarpinito and Shiraz Sanjana arrive in Cannes with threeprojects on the books for Mitra Films, the new production company they launchedrecently with longtime producer-distributor Ben Barenholtz.

Brooklyn-based Mitra is seeking co-production partners and plans toproduced three titles a year.

Featuring on the initial slate are the 1950s comedy Trencherman (formerly known as OutOf The Mouths Of Babes), comedy caper Blue Rinse, and sci-fi saga The Night Fisherman.

Based on a screenplay by Raymond Mackintosh and Philip Mackintosh and tobe directed by Juha Wuolijoki, Trencherman will star Michael Badalucco in thestory of exotic food and the secret to better sex.

Barenholtz, Scarpinito andSanjana will produce in conjunction with Wuolijoki's New York andHelsinki-based Snapper Films.

Comedy caper Blue Rinse is scheduled to shoot in Brooklyn for $5m andfocuses on three elderly women who unwittingly get involved with a mobster.Robert Whitehill and Andrea Shane co-wrote the screenplay.

The Night Fisherman is a futuristic story about an alien that holds thekey to saving mankind from total control through language globalisation. The$2m live action and animated project will shoot on digital video in Prague inSeptember.

The Pregnant Picturesco-production is being produced by Ondrej Trojan.

Barenholtz' careerhighlights include launching the distribution venture Circle Films and NewYork's Elgin Cinema. He has served in various producing roles on DarrenAronofsky's Requiem For A Dream, theCoen Brothers' Barton Fink andGeorge A Romero's Bruiser.