Michael J Bassett has signed on to write and direct supernatural horror film Saint Mary’s.

He will develop the screenplay with creator/co-writer Matthew Kingshott, who has been developing the project with UK producer/composer James Edward Barker’s Veneration Music.

Barker will produce through Mann Made Films, with Scott Mann as executive producer, and Barker is also attached to compose the score for the film. (Mann and Barker recently announced a new partnership.)

The story is about a group of young people trapped inside a disused asylum, who encounter an evil presence.

Barker said: “Michael is an incredibly visual director and his gothic aesthetics and approach to the Soloman Kane film really drew Matthew and I to confirm him as our only choice for Saint Mary’s. We really believe 100% that Michael is the one who can help us take this to the next level, which we think is an exciting, commercial and very disturbing genre piece.”

Bassett added: “When I read Matt’s script I immediately felt that there was the essence of something incredibly interesting and potentially terrifying. In Saint Mary’s I have found a project that encompasses many of the themes and ideas I have long been interested in and think we could be introducing the audience to a world that will be genuinely frightening and as horrific and disturbing as anything I have yet brought to the screen.”

Bassett is also attached to direct Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, which is now in pre-production.