Ocean's Twelve has the unenviable challenge of trying to knock MeetThe Fockers off its perch when itgoes out in the UK through Warner Bros Pictures International on Feb 4.

Strong results areanticipated bearing in mind that Ocean's Eleven opened second in the UK in February 2002 on $7.3m in433 theatres, a strong performance in the days when Monsters, Inc ruled the roost. Ocean's Twelve has grossed $187.1m to date.

The distributor is alsoactive in Mexico on Feb 4 with The Aviator, which has grossed $1.5m through Warner Bros territories to date.

Latest figures released byWarner Bros executives put Alexander on $29.2m in Warner Bros territories, A Very Long Engagement on $44.7m, and The Polar Express on $116.7m.

Universal's Ray opens in Brazil on Feb 4 on 40 prints and opens a daylater in Mexico on 35, and has grossed $10.5m.

DreamWorks International hasrights to Meet The Fockers outsideNorth America and releases it through UIP in Spain on Feb 4 on 367 prints andin Taiwan a day later on 75. The comedy sequel has amassed $65m to date.

Fox International opens Elektrain Italy on Feb 4 on 218 prints. Thecomic book adaptation has grossed $16.6m to date.

Flight Of The Phoenix opens in South Korea on Feb 4 on 90, while Sidewayswill seek to benefit from its recentOscar nominations when it goes out in Germany on Feb 3 on 100 and Brazil a daylater on 65.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI) was due to open Closer in Russia and South Korea on Feb 3 and in China onFeb 4. The drama has taken $45.1m as of Jan 30.

Anacondas opens in China on Feb 4 and has taken $33.1m. Spanglishgoes out in Mexico on Feb 4; KungFu Hustle stands on $61.8m as of Jan30.

Summit Entertainmentreleases Alexander in Japan thisweekend. The picture has amassed $112.9m through all distributors as of Jan 30.Summit opens Racing Stripes inthe UK on Feb 4.

Buena Vista Internationalwas due to release The Incredibles inits final market of Hong Kong on Feb 3, which should provide a small but potentboost to the picture's $354.1m international cumulative total.

Finding Neverland goes out in Italy on Feb 4; it has grossed $11.9mthrough all BVI territories to date. Howl's Moving Castle launches in Taiwan on Feb 5 ; it currently stands on$6.2m.

Shall We Dance' has grossed $51.7m and National Treasure has taken $136.2m to date.