Buoyed by mighty launches in China and Russia, Universal/UPI’s action hit ruled the waves to reach an estimated $129.6m through Sunday, while Fox’s Titanic 3D crossed $225m and passed $100m in China. Warner Bros’ Wrath Of The Titans also crossed $200m.

Battleship crossed $100m on Saturday (21) and was on active duty in 9,038 sites in 50 territories for the weekend. It opened at number one in 16 territories, bringing the career total to 37. It scored Universal’s biggest debut in China thanks to a $17m number two debut from 2,287 behind the second weekend hold of Titanic 3D.

The action release secured a number one berth in Russia on an excellent $10.7m from 810 to claim 76% market share and opened top in Ukraine on $1m from 111 for another studio opening record.

UPI reported number one holds in second weekends in the UK, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Austria, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

South Korea led the way on $3.9m from 627 venues for $12.9m, followed by Germany on $2.3m from 597 for $7.5m and the UK on $2.2m from 490 for $9.9m.

Australia placed second on $2.2m from 237 for $7.8m while Japan added $2m from 341 for $9.3m. France also held firm at number two as $2m from 352 raised the tally to $6.6m.

Malaysian audiences delivered a spectacular $1.4m from 101 for $5.1m while Taiwan generated $1.3m from 97 for $6.2m. There are 14 releases to go. Battleship opens in North America on May 18.

American Pie: Reunion brought in a further $9.5m from 2,942 in 37 for an early $56m running total. The comedy opened top in Brazil on $2.2m from 227 and did the same in Chile on $175,000 from 39 and Colombia on $300,000 from 70. All three were franchise records in their respective territories.

Australia was the top holdover in fourth place as $1.6m from 222 sites boosted the tally after three weekends to $13.3m. Mexico has generated $4.9m after three. There are 20 territories to go including Germany on Apr 26, France on May 2 and the UK, Italy and Spain on May 4.

Dr Seuss’ The Lorax added $5.1m from 3,298 in 49 for $83.3m. The family film launched at number one in Venezuela on $711,000 from 67 while Australia was the top holdover in third place on $1.5m from 274 dates $14.8m after four weekends. There are 16 territories to go the next few months including the UK on Jul 27. The worldwide running total stands at $290.3m. 

The Bob Marley documentary Marley opened in the UK on $300,000 from 64 for what UPI claimed to be the second best launch for a non-fiction film behind Universal’s Senna.

  • Titanic 3D earned $34.3m through Fox International from 9,327 screens in 70 markets as the running total climbed to $225.7m after three weekends.

As expected the second weekend in China dominated proceedings to ensure Titanic 3D stayed top after the massive first six-day record. It added an estimated $24m from 3,500 for $105.2m. In its third weekend the epic romance added $1.5m in France from 394 for $10.4m and brought in a further $1.5m in the UK from 456 for $15.9m.

In other second weekend highlights, Titanic 3D grossed $1.48m in Brazil from 267 for $4.2m and $1.4m in Mexico from 442 for $4.1m.

Russia and Italy have generated $12.4m and $10.3m respectively after three weekends while Germany has produced $8.9m and Australia $6.3m, both after two.

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel stands at $66m and has amassed $30m in the UK after nine weekends and $17.2m in Australia after five. Chronicle stands at $59.4m, This Means War $91.5m and We Bought A Zoo $34.9m. In Mexico, Fox opened the local acquisition Cristiada on $1m from 588 screens.

  • The Hunger Games grossed an estimated $13m from 4,400 screens in 71 territories through Lionsgate licensees as the international running total climbed to $215.8m.

The action film added $1.6m in the UK for $33.6m, $1.5m in Australia for $29.7m and $1m in Germany for $19.2m and has reached $13.3m in Russia and $12.1m in France.

Lionsgate’s horror release The Cabin In The Woods added $1.1m from 750 in nine for an early $8.6m running total.

  • Wrath Of The Titans has crossed $200m through Warner Bros Pictures International as $8m over the weekend from 62 territories raised the tally to $201m.

Scott Hicks’ romance The Lucky One based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks and starring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling opened day-and-date with North America in nine territories for $3.8m from 545 screens.

The highlight was a $2.5m number one launch in Australia from 242. Coming up are Italy on Apr 25, Germany on Apr 26, the UK on May 2 and Brazil on May 4. Journey 2 stands at $221m.

  • Sony Pictures Releasing International’s animated film Pirates! Band Of Misfits brought in a further $7.8m from 4,580 screens in 46 markets for $55.9m.

The Aardman Animation/Sony collaboration opened in Mexico on $780,000 from 301 for third place, which was 77%bigger than the launch of Chicken Run, and debuted in Argentina on $320,000 from 71 for fifth place, which was three times bigger than the opening of Wallace And Gromit: The Curse Of The Wererabbit and 36% bugger than Flushed Away.

Pirates! added $1.2m from 848 in the fourth weekend in the UK where it has now amassed $22.5m. Australia has generated $8m after three and France $5.7m after four.

21 Jump Street grossed $3.1m from 1,220 in 23 for $39.5m and the action comedy added $1.1m in its second weekend in Russia on 473 screens for $4.4m. The tallies in Australia and the UK stand at $15.6m and $15.1m after six weekends.

  • Paramount Pictures International reported that DreamWorks International’s Puss In Boots has grossed $404.5m while Hugo stands at $77.6m and The Devil Inside $48m.
  • Mirror Mirror added $846,454 in the UK through StudioCanal to raise the running total to $9.8m. The distributor also reported that the three-day weekend for Delicacy amounted to $50,774, resulting in a $265,415 running total.