Bavaria Film International (BFI) reported "good business" at this year's Berlinale and European Film Market despite the fact that its films were scheduled quite late into the festival programme.

Deals on the Golden Bear winner Head-On by Fatih Akin were closed with Spain (Golem), Italy (BIM Distribuzione), Benelux (Cinemien), Turkey (R-Films), Greece (Rosebud), Israel (Orlando), Switzerland (Cineworx) and Austria (Polyfilm), while Finnish distributor Future Films picked up pan-Scandinavian rights. A deal with a Russian distributor is expected to be signed shortly, with negotiations currently underway with buyers from the USA, Latin America, France and Japan.

Meanwhile, Daniel Burman's Lost Embrace- which won the Jury Grand Prix and the Best Actor Silver Bear - was sold to Russia (Maywin Media), Israel (Orlando), Portugal (Atalanta), Switzerland (Trigon Film) and Austria (Filmladen), and BFI is in talks with distributors from Canada, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. "Substantial interest" is also coming from the US, according to BFI and a deal is likely to be closed at the upcoming AFM.

In addition, Burman's own production company BD Cine sold the film in a pre-sale to Benelux (Cinemien) and closed further deals with Chile and Uruguay (Distribution Company), Brazil (Artfilms), Peru, Columbia, Ecuador (all Babilla) and Mexico (Cine, Video y Television).

Another pan-Scandinavian deal with concluded by Finland's Future Films for M. X. Oberg's Panorama entry The Stratosphere Girl which was also sold to Portugal (Atalanta) and Israel (Orlando). A firm offer is "on the table" from a US distributor and should be closed at AFM, while "firm interest" is coming from Asian countries and Japan in particular.

Other sales by BFI included Veit Helmer's Gate To Heaven to Israel (Orlando), Scandinavia (Triangel) and Benelux (A-Films); Soenke Wortmann's The Miracle Of Bern to UK and Ireland (Soda Pictures); and Cesc Gay's In the City (En La Ciudad) to Greece (Ama Films) and Benelux (Cinemien).

In addition, Constellation bought the video and TV rights for Dominique de Rivaz's Jagged Harmonies, Nina Grosse's Olga's Summer and Marco Kreuzpaintner's Breaking Loose.