Bavaria Film International has added five new Germanlanguage titles to its sales slate, all of which will be having their worldpremieres at the Berlin filmfestival next month.

Three of the films TheFree Will, Requiem and Slummingwill be presented in Competition. Matthias Glasner's The Free Will (Der Freie Wille), starring Juergen Vogel and SabineTimoteo, is a tale about a rapist coming to terms with life back in"normal society" after being in psychiatric detention.

Hans-Christian Schmid's Requiemis about a 1970s exorcism case in South Germany starringSandra Hueller who won a Bavarian Film Prize for herperformance as a young woman who believes she is possessed by demons, andMichael Glawogger's latest feature Slumming, the first Austrian film to bein Competition at Berlinale in the last 20 years.

Bavaria Film International will also be handling Dominik Graf's love drama The Red Cockatoo and Vanessa Jopp's Happy As One, a low budget DV project shotin an improvisational style, both of which are screening in the Panoramasection.