Bavaria Film Internationalhas taken worldwide rights on Kirill Mikhanovsky's Fish Dreams (Sonhos De Peixe) about the struggles of daily life in a remoteBrazilian village.

The Unison Films productionscreened in Critics Week at Cannes and features a mostly untrained cast ofactors with the exception of Phellipe Haagensen from City Of God.

Bavaria will be offering thepicture to buyers here in an attempt to jump-start overseas sales. Head ofsales Thorsten Ritter negotiated the deal with Surreal Films' Dario Bergesio ofon behalf of the producers.

"We believe this is afilm and a tremendously gifted filmmaker that deserve a true chance and we arewilling to work hard to give Sonhos De Peixe the visibility it lacked duringthe Cannes Film Festival", Ritter said.

"It is clearly anoverlooked pearl of filmmaking and I am sure we will find the rightdistributors for it even in this competitive and accelerated marketplace."

The Russian-born Mikhanovskymigrated to the US in his late teens and studied film at the Universities ofWisconsin and New York. His 2003 documentary short Inhale, Exhale won the Audience Award at the annual NYU Showcase atthe Directors' Guild of America.