Bavaria Film International will handle international sales on Cyril Tuschi's feature debut SommerHundeSoehne which is set to shoot on location in Spain and Morocco this October.

The low-budget production between Tuschi's Lala Films! and Nicholas Conradt's Friends Production has received backing from Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg and broadcaster ARTE and has already been picked up for German theatrical release by Academy Films.

Scripted by Tuschi with Ole Ortmann, Barbara Oslessek and Aron Kraemer, the mix of road movie and buddy movie will star Frank Giering (Baader) and Stipe Erceg (Yugotrip).

In addition, Lala Films! is teaming up with Austrian production house Coop 99 (Boese Zellen) to produce Tuschi's second feature Lauf Jaeger Lauf, adapted from poet Henning Ahrens' first novel.

Described by Tuschi as "having elements of Tarkovsky and Lynch", the project already has Axel Milberg, Lars Rudolph and Inga Busch onboard for a shoot scheduled for July-August 2004 in Sachsen-Anhalt.