Bavaria FilmInternational (BFI) has concluded a raft of deals at the market in Cannes on Uruguayancomedy Whisky and Fridrik Thor Fridriksson's latest feature Niceland.

Directorial duoPablo Stoll and Juan Pablo Rebella's film, which screened in the Un CertainRegard and was awarded the FIPRESCI Award and Prix Originale Regard, was soldto Japan (Bitters End), Benelux (Contact Film), Switzerland (Trigon Film),Hungary (Budapest Film) as well as to Gatenofilms for Peru, Panama, Costa Ricaand Ecuador after being picked up by MK2 for France on the eve of the festival.

Meanwhile, rightsto Fridriksson's drama, which is expected to have its world premiere at an Alist festival this summer, were secured by Japan's Elephant Pictures,Switzerland's Cineworx, Taiwan's HWA Jaan Films and by Gatenofilms for Peru,Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador after a private screening in Cannes.

In addition, BFIsold further territories for Fatih Akin's Golden Bear-winner Head-On(China/Star Image, Romania/Independenta Film and Peru, Panama, Costa Rica andEcuador/Gatenofilms) as well for Matthias X. Oberg's The Stratosphere Girl(Ukraine/Intwest and Thailand/Right Beyond), Veit Helmer's Gate To Heaven(Ukraine/Intwest, Thailand/Right Beyond, the Baltic states/Cinema Noveau,Indonesia/Amero Mitra and Iran/Farabi Cinema), and Kim-Ki-duk's Spring,Summer, Fall Winter ... and Spring (Croatia - Bosnia/Discovery Film Video& TV and Romania/Independenta Film).

Moreover, SoenkeWortmann's The Miracle Of Bern was sold to Iran's Farabi Cinema and NinaGrosse's Olga's Summer to the Ukraine's Intwest, while a video and TVdeal was sealed with Portugal's Prisvideo for Robert Schwentke's Tattoo anda rights extension with Japan's Shochiku for Joseph Vilsmaier's family film Charlie& Louise.