Swipe Films also sells to France and Ireland.

Swipe Films has sold UK TV rights for Beyond The Fire to the BBC, which will broadcast the film later this year and make it available on BBC iPlayer.

France has sold to Pretty Pictures and Ireleand to TV3. Swipe’s Frank Mannion says other deals are close.

Maeve Murphy writes and directs, and Cara Seymour and Scot Williams lead the cast. The story is about two surivivors of sexual abuse who are in a state of denial.

Writer/director Maeve Murphy said: “The BBC broadcast is a great opportunity to highlight the issue of religious sexual abuse which is currently emerging in the UK. It is something that needs to be discussed and prevented here as well. Hopefully in Beyond The Fire we do this in an accessible way that people can relate too, by looking at the devastating effects of this abuse and how this surfaces when two survivors who fall in love.”