Beastie Boys founder and film-maker Adam Yauch has launched the full service distributor Oscilloscope Pictures and installed former THINKFilm International vice president David Fenkel to oversee acquisitions, domestic distribution and international sales.

Oscilloscope Pictures, an extension of Yauch's music and film production company Oscilloscpoe Laboratories, will handle independent English and foreign language narrative and documentary titles and provide finishing funds where appropriate. Fully financed productions may ensue in time.

Fenkel, who befriended Yauch when THINKFilm released his Beastie Boys concert documentary Awesome! I Fuckin' Shot That!, said the company planned to work on 'artistically unique, innovative, creative and cool' titles.

He added there was no mandate to release a particular number of films each year, however the goal was to release several in 2008 kicking off with the first title in the first half of the year. Fenkel said the company had already identified 'a handful of projects that would be perfect for us to release.'

Fenkel, who reports to Yauch and is joined at the new venture by his THINKFilm colleague Dan Berger, will travel to the EFM this week to scout for acquisitions and talk to buyers. 'We want to represent excellence and it's very important that we stay with that ethos,' he said.

Yauch, a major creative influence in the Beastie Boys' near three-decade career who directed many of the New York hip-hop band's videos, will oversee in-house creative and production work.

Oscilloscope's post-production facilities and recording studio will create all theatrical, DVD, international and online marketing campaigns including posters, trailers, DVD packaging and authoring, and delivery. Yauch will open up facilities to support film-makers in completing their films.

Yauch said the ethos at the company would stem from his experiences with independent record labels, where 'a handful of people would put their heads together and figure out what needed to be done to put out a record.'

Fenkel served six years at THINKFilm in domestic distribution and more recently international sales, handling films like Born Into Brothels, Spellbound and Half Nelson.