Reiko Bradley has signed on for all sales rights outside of Italy and Australasia to director Robert Connolly's Three Dollars - her first wholly Australian film since relocating there to head the joint venture company Becker Films International.

Connolly's second film, produced by business partner John Maynard, stars David Wenham, who is currently getting rave reviews locally for his role in Gettin' Square. He plays a man who finds himself, aged 38, with a wife, a child and three dollars.

"I see Three Dollars as part of Australia's New Wave, something that perhaps started with Lantana, in that it is a very sophisticated and intricate character-driven script that reflects a modern Australian sensibility that can attract modern day audiences worldwide, probably mainly urban," said Bradley.

"It is in the vein of Hi Fidelity and About A Boy, but also has the storytelling sensibilities, that is, non linear in a brilliant manner, akin to films from David Lynch and Wim Wenders."

Connolly wrote the script with Elliot Perlman, the author of the novel Three Dollars

Shooting is scheduled for February 2004 in Melbourne. Footprint Films, the sister company to Connolly and Maynard's Arenafilm, has Australian rights, while Fandango has Italian rights.