The executive producer and founder of Bunyik Enterprises will forge relationships between the Hungarian Producers Association and North American producers.

Bunyik founded his production and distribution company in 1982 and has gone on to act as world sales agent at the international film markets on behalf of such companies as Tivoli Filmprodukcio Kft, Unio Film and Centrál Filmstúdió Kft.

He has served as co-production partner on titles like The Real Santa, Master And The Disciples and Green Card.

Bunyik founded and has produced 11 iterations of the Hungarian Film Festival Of Los Angeles.

“Hungary has committed itself to becoming one of the most attractive and competitive film locations of Europe,” Bunyik said. “One of the most competitive and attractive tax incentive systems in Europe was created in Hungary. Since its launch in April 2004 the new Motion Picture Act has proven that Hungary is the destination for service and co-productions alike.

“With the Hungarian tax system foreign producers can not only reduce their Hungarian direct costs by 20%, but are able to further claim 5% of this 20% on non-Hungarian spend.”