RobertCollector's Believe In Me and LaurenGreenfield's Thin won top narrative anddocumentary honours respectively at the Jackson Hole Film Festival, which ranin Wyoming from Jun 7 to 11.

HilaryBrougher was named best director for Stephanie Daley, while the Audience Choice Award went to AuroraBorealis by James Burke.

Inother Cowboy Awards, Believe In Me wasawarded the Rosemount Diamond Award, David Scheinmann's The West WitteringAffair won the Best World Programme:Spotlight UK prize, and Brian Liu and Mary Wareham's Disarm was named Best Global Insight Film.

BarbaraStepansky's The Trojan Cow won BestStudent Voices Film, Jackie Oudney won Best Short Film for Vagabond Shoes, and Best Sports Action Film prize went to Sofia by Peter Goetz.

Theediting prized was awarded to Danny Tull for Rag Tale, cinematography honours went to Adam Arkapaw for End ofTown, and David Torn picked up the bestscore award for Believe In Me.