If there were any doubts that The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button lacked the momentum to replicate its impressive North American success overseas those were dispelled at the weekend as David Fincher's Oscar-nominated drama stayed ahead of the Hollywood pack and soared past $100m with another dominant display.

An estimated $31m weekend hoisted the Warner Bros Pictures International release to $118.6m and it will be only a matter of days now before the picture surges past the $122.2m domestic tally and the $250m global mark.

The picture opened top in Italy on $4.6m from 505 screens, which was enough to grab 36% of the top five market share. There were two further number one debuts as The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button took $2m from 212 in South Korea and $1m from 105 in Taiwan including previews, a result that accounted for 46% of the top five market share.

Holdover business was muscular, led by a heartening $4.6m from 566 in the second weekend in France following a 17% slip that saw the picture stay top in Paris as the running total climbed to $11.3m. The drama stayed top in its second weekend in Spain on $3.3m from 461 for $9.1m and climbed to number one in its second weekend in Japan on $3.1m from 427 for $11.7m.

In the second weekend in the UK $2.6m from 474 sites saw the picture rank fourth with a $7m tally, while Germany delivered a third consecutive number one weekend as $2.5m from 645 boosted the cumulative score to $13.8m. Elsewhere the latest tallies show $11m in Australia, $6.4m in Mexico and $6m in Brazil.

Meanwhile the Jim Carrey comedy Yes Man took $3.6m from nearly 2,300 screens in 55 markets and raised the tally to $113m. Latest figures put the UK on $15.2m, Italy on $11m, Australia on $9.4m, Russia on $7.5m and South Korea, where the run has ended, on $6.7m.

Gran Torino has amassed $6.1m after four weeks in Australia after $925,000 from 208 delivered another benchmark for Clint Eastwood as the drama became his highest grossing release of all time there. It opens in France on February 25, the UK on February 27 and Taiwan on February 28.

The Tom Cruise second world war thriller Valkyrie was back in the front line for Fox International and occupied a further 18 territories in Latin America, Southeast Asia and parts of Eastern Europe, earning $11.9m from approximately 4,500 screens in 55 markets. The running total stands at $71.9m through all distributors, with six new territories to come next weekend.

Valkyrie launched at number one in Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. Mexico generated $1.5m from 534, while Brazil produced $1.2m from 230. Colombia and Peru deserve mention for excellent debuts of $173,523 from 63 and $152,583 from 53, respectively.

Bride Wars added $4.8m from roughly 2,660 screens in 42 markets, raising the cumulative total to $39m. France and Belgium provided the talking points as the comedy launched on $947,821 from 241 and $213,919, respectively. Germany has generated $2.8m and Brazil just over $1m, both after two weekends.

Australia added $2.5m from approximately 2,200 in 19 for $146m, powered by a $1.4m Russian launch from 626. The rap biopic Notorious launched in sixth place in the UK on $1.5m from 261. Comedy Marley & Me stands at $21m while Se Eu Fosse Voce 2, now the biggest local Brazilian release in history, relinquished its number one berth after six consecutive weekends and had to settle for second place on $704,000 from 301.

Crime drama Street Kings grossed $629,000 from 194 in its Japanese debut and has taken $37.8m overall, while Slumdog Millionaire has taken $5.5m from India and $5.7m so far from two Fox International markets.

New Line International's He's Just Not That Into You added $11.4m from 2,087 screens in 16 territories to raise the early international running total to $16.5m. The romantic comedy grossed $9.3m from 12 new markets, led by an excellent $3.7m number one launch in Australia from 230 screens over four days.

Elsewhere the all-star chick flick took $2m from 322 in France over five days, $1.4m from 400 in Germany over four, and $693,320 from 60 in Taiwan over three. He's Just Not That Into You added $2.1m from 463 screens in four holdover territories and coaxed a further $2.6m from 375 UK screens through Entertainment in the second weekend for second place and a $6.4m running total.

PPI unleashed Friday The 13th (2009) in 30 territories day-and-date with North America and the slasher picture took $10.4m from 2,172 sites for the biggest international debut in the history of that horror franchise. Leading the carnage were the UK on $2m, Russia on $1.7m and Spain on $1.1m.

PPI's Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa crossed $400m as $937,000 from 1,569 screens in 63 territories raised the tally to $400.3m.

Teen release Hotel For Dogs added $4m from 1,421 venues in 14 territories for $14.6m and PPI executives will be encouraged by the $2.2m UK launch from 430 venues as the schools head into half-term holiday this week. The suburban period drama Revolutionary Road added $3.3m from 2,817 sites for a solid $43m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's The Pink Panther 2 launched modestly overseas, drumming up $3.8m from 960 screens in 31 markets. Leading the way was the UK, where the comedy sequel opened in eighth place on $1.3m from 400. It opened at number one in Greece on $770,000 from 74.

The International, Tom Tykwer's banking thriller that opened the Berlinale on February 5, ventured into German-speaking Europe and made off with $2.7m from 570 screens. The picture launched in second place in Germany on $2.3m from 485, which is roughly the same in local currency terms to Inside Man, Collateral and The Interpreter. It also debuted in second place in German-speaking Switzerland on $345,000 from 44 and opened in fifth place in Austria on $195,000 from 41.

The Will Smith drama Seven Pounds added $2.7m from 1,790 screens in 47 markets to stand at $83.9m. Action fantasy Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans raised the tally by $3.1m from 1,352 screens in 42 markets to a modest $22.2m.

UPI's animated family release Coraline added $1.7m from 638 sites in five territories for a promising early $3.5m running total. The picture added $1.1m from 399 in its second weekend in Mexico for $2.6m and second place. It opened in sixth place in Brazil on $425,000 from 160. Mamma Mia! added $2m from 336 venues in its third weekend in Japan, where it has grossed $17m. The international score is $446.2m and in terms of worldwide performance the musical smash is on $591m.

The Tale Of Despereaux stands at $26.6m after launching in South Korea and France on $600,000 from 151 and $750,000 from 321, respectively. There are 21 territories to go including Germany on March 19 and Italy on April 24. Changeling has reached $57.5m, Frost/Nixon stands at $6.4m, Role Models has grossed $18.8m and Milk stands at $7.5m.