MGM/UA’s wartime thriller Valkyrie has been the leading Hollywood export through Fox International for the past two weekends and has raced past $40m, but without any new releases Fox Internationalwill look to strong holdover business to maintain momentum.


The onslaught will resume with 20 fresh markets on February 12, among them Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Taiwan. Executives will be heartened too by news that the film has been cleared to open in China on February 26 and received one of the 20 coveted release slots bestowed upon non-Chinese films.

Warner Bros Pictures International’s drama The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button has grossed more than $38m and stands a good chance of gliding past $50m this weekend with debuts planned for France on February 4, Russia on February 5, the UK and Spain on February 6 and Japan on February 7. The Jim Carrey comedy Yes Man will cross $100m through what is expected to be a solid holdover weekend.

Universal’s comedy Role Models has grossed $15.5m to date and touches down in six territories through UPI including France and Belgium on February 4 followed by South Africa on February 6.

The drama Frost/Nixon on $4.2m gets a big push in 11 including Germany and Russia on February 5 and Italy, Mexico and Spain on February 6. Focus Features’ animated tale Coraline opens day-and-date with North America in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia on February 6.

DreamWorks-Paramount’s teen picture Hotel For Dogs opens through PPI across German-speaking Europe, with Switzerland and French-speaking Switzerland receiving the film on February 4, Germany and German-speaking Switzerland on February 5 and Austria on February 6. The picture has amassed $7.2m so far.

Paramount Vantage’s suburban pot-boiler Revolutionary Road stands at $28m and opens in four including Taiwan on February 7. France receives the terrorism thriller Traitor on February 4.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s animated romp Bolt will cross $100m any day now and gets a significant push this weekend. Launches are scheduled for France and Belgium on February 4, Greece on February 5 and the Scandinavian markets of Denmark, Norway and Sweden on February 6.

Miramax’s church abuse drama Doubt will surge towards $10m this weekend with launches arrives in Germany, Austria, Hong Kong and Portugal on February 5 followed a day later by the UK, Brazil and South Africa.

The comedy Bedtime Stories has set a string of record breaking launches for Adam Sandler and stands at more than $79m. It opens this weekend in Argentina on February 5 and Turkey a day later.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua has enjoyed a new lease of life recently and executives will look to boost the running total with debuts in Spain and Poland on February 6. High School Musical 3 opens in Japan on February 7.

Sony Pictures Releasing International’s Will Smith drama Seven Pounds has amassed more than $71.7m and opens this weekend in roughly 11 territories including South Korea, Taiwan and Sweden.

The action fantasy prequel Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans has grossed more than $7.4m and executives will look to push the tally comfortably past $10m through wide launches in Russia and Mexico as well as Thailand, India and Argentina, among others.

Action title Punisher: War Zone opens in the UK on February 6 and The Pink Panther 2, which plays out of competition in the Berlin International Film Festival, has a trio of small debuts day-and-date with North America. Animated action release The Spirit stands at approximately $15.4m and opens in Germany and German-speaking Switzerland.