Robert Benton will receive the Writers Guild of America, West's(WGAW) Screen Laurel Award at the 2007 Writers Guild Awards ceremony on Feb 11,2007.

'What an impressive and varied screenwriting career RobertBenton has had,' WGAW president Patric M Verrone said. 'Yet whathasn't varied is the quality of his work and audiences' appreciation ofit.'

Benton'swork has earned numerous WGA nominations and won three times for Bonnie& Clyde, What's Up Doc and KramerVs Kramer, which also earned him thedirecting and adapted screenwriting Oscars in 1980.

His more recentcredits include Nobody's Fool, Twilight, and The ice Harvest. In 1995, the WGAE honored Benton with the Ian McLellanHunter Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement in Writing.