Bela Tarr's Werckmeister Harmoniak and Renny Bartlett's Eisenstein are among another batch of titles confirmed for the International Forum of Young Cinema sidebar at this year's Berlin Film Festival. Meanwhile titles from Jean-Jacques Beineix, Lea Pool and Gerardo Herrero have been added to the Panorama line-up.

Hungarian feature Werckmeister Harmoniak has previously screened in Directors' Fortnight at last year's Cannes Film Festival and features in the upcoming Rotterdam Film Festival. Other European titles screening in the Forum include Swiss filmmakers Sabine Gisiger and Marcel Zwingli's Do It about Switzerland's former top terrorist Daniele von Arb who became a clairvoyant; and German director Karin Jurschick's autobiographical Danach Haette Es Schoen Sein Muessen.

Bartlett's Eisenstein is a provocative portrait of the Russian director Sergei Eisenstein which had its world premiere in Toronto last September. North America is also represented in the Forum by Shelly Dunn and Vincent Freemont's documentary Pie In The Sky: The Brigid Berlin Story about the Andy Warhol superstar and daughter of the well-to-do Fifth Avenue couple Richard and Honey Berlin.

Argentina will be represented by Rodriguo Fuerth's Toca Para Mi; Mexico by Benjamin Cann's family drama Cronica De Un Desayuno; and Korean director Kim Jee-woon's The Foul King will show as part of the Forum's midnight screenings. These titles are in addition to the previously announced Vietnam national focus (ScreenDaily, January 17).

Meanwhile Jean-Jacques Beineix's Mortel Transfert, Canadian director Lea Pool's Lost And Delirious and Spanish feature Las Razenas De Mis Amigos from Gerardo Herrero have been confirmed as screening in Panorama.

Other titles confirmed for this section include:

Bad Luck Love - Olli Saarela (Finland)
Berlin Is Germany - Hannes Stoehr (Germany)
Chop Suey - Bruce Weber (US)
Controvento (Against The Wind) - Peter Del Monte (Italy)
Czesc, Tereska! (Hi, Tessa) - Robert Glinski (Poland)
The Dark Side Of Daren - Maximilian Moll (Germany)
Der Traum Ist Aus (The Dream Is Gone) - Christoph Schuch (Germany)
Di Jou Tian Chang (Forever And Ever) - Raymond To (Hong Kong)
Disco Pigs - Kirsten Sheridan (Ireland)
Domenica - Wilma Labate (Italy)
En Quete Des Sours Papin - Claude Ventura (France)
The Fluffer - Richard Glatzer and Wash West (US)
From The Queen To The Chief Executive - Herman Yau (Hong Kong)
Gimme Shelter - Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin (US)
Hedwig And The Angry Inch - John Cameron Mitchell (US)
Hotoke - Jinsei Tsuji (Japan)
Ivansxtc (To Live And Die In Hollywood) - Bernard Rose (US-UK)
Julie Johnson - Bob Gosse (US)
Lavender - Ip Kam-Hung (Hong Kong)
Les Blessures Assassines - Jean-Pierre Denis (France)
Lightmaker - Dieter Meier (US-Switzerland)
Mein Boss Bin Ich (Me, My Own Boss) - Niki List (Austria)
Nippon No Kuroi Natsu - Enzai (Darkness In The Light) - Kei Kumai (Japan) Riconciliati (Reconciled) -Rosalia Polizzi (Italy)
Paszport (Passport) - Peter Gothar (Hungary)
Series 7 - Daniel Minahan (US)
Trois Huit (Nightshift) - Philippe Le Guay (France)
Yixizhuoma (Song Of Tibet) - Xie Fei (China)
Zoom - Otto Alexander Jahrreis (Germany)

These titles are in addition to those previously reported by ScreenDaily (January 3).