New feature films by David Mackenzie and SergeiBodrov are among 30 projects chosen from 230 entries to be presented at theBerlinale's second Co-Production Market over two days from February 13-14.

The line-up of 30 official projects includesthree from this year's edition of Rotterdam's CineMart under the banner of the'Rotterdam-Berlinale Express' initiative - Guillaume Malandrin's Hand Of TheHeadless Man, Rana'an Alexandrowicz's The Miracle of Montlhery, andDavid Mackenzie's White Male Heart (see list below for all projectsselected).

In addition, there will be around 20 projectsfrom participants of this year's Berlinale Talent Campus being presented at theco-production gathering as the "Talent Project Market"

The Co-Production Market's project manager SonjaMoerkens said that the selection process had been much stricter than last year,with 30 projects making it to the final line-up compared to 37 at the 2004event. "There were a large number of entries from the USA and EasternEurope, and France, Spain and Italy were also better represented this year, butwe would have liked to have had more projects from Asian countries,"Moerkens noted.

"We had fewer projects about war ortackling political subjects than last year," she continued, "and onesees that there now seems to be more space for more personal films. We had manycoming of age stories and several children's film projects among thesubmissions."

Projects submitted to the BerlinaleCo-Production Market for consideration had to be in the Euros 2m-10m budgetrange with at least 30% of the financing already in place. In addition, theproducer applying had to have at least one international co-production in hiscredits. (An exception was made for projects from Eastern Europe, Africa, Asiaor Latin America which could have a budget of only Euros 1m.)

Meanwhile, the Co-Production Market's firstedition is already beginning to bear fruit, according to Moerkens. AlexanderSokurov's The Sun, which tells the story of Japanese emperor Hirohitorenouncing his divine status following WWII, was pitched by Nikola-FilmCinemastudio and linked up with France's MACT Productions as a productionpartner; it will now have its world premiere at this year's Berlinale. Inaddition, at least another five projects have since completed principalphotography: Piotr Tzaskalski's The Master, Robert Glinski's Call OfThe Toad (Unkenrufe), Anthony Byrne's Short Order, AntonioHernandez's Hidden, and Erik Skjoldbjaerg's Enemy Of The People.

Berlinale Co-Production Market projects:
title / director / production companies / country

- Carmo (Murilo Pasta),Aquafilms/ BR-3 Films UK, Argentina/ Great Britain
- The Host (Norberto Lopez), BocaBoca Producciones, Spain
- The Velvet Road (Cathal Black), Cathal Black Films/ David P. Kelly Productions,Ireland/Great Britain
- Prima Primavera (Janos Edelenyi), Cinema-Film/ Ipso Facto, Hungary/Great Britain
- Krabat (Hans-Christian Schmid), Claussen+Wöbke Filmproduktion GmbH,Germany
- Mongol. The Early Years of Genghis Khan (Sergei Bodrov), CTB FilmCompany, Russia
- Three Seasons in Hell (Tomas Masin), Dawson Productions, CzechRepublic
- Victor Chicken (Dean Blumberg), DV8 Films, South Africa
- My Clara (Alan Lazar), EuroArts Medien/ My Clara LLC, Germany/ USA
- Fairy Ring (Benedek Fliegauf), Inforg Studio, Hungary
- My Queen Karo (Dorothee van den Bergh), K2, Belgium
- The Cold Virgin (Raphael Vion), Les Films Du Safran, France
- Time On Two Legs (Jean Bojko), Link's Productions, France
- The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar (Kasper Barfoed), M & MProductions, Denmark
- The Trouble With Sheldon (James Brett), MakeFilm, Great Britain
- What it Takes to Keep a Young Girl Alive (Chris Austin), MaverickProductions, South Africa
- The Climber's Book (Leidulf Risan), Nordisk Film Norway, Norway
- Don't Cry For Me Europe (Andrej Kosak), Novi Val - NEW WAVE D.O.O.,Slovenia
- Chasing the Stars (Nicholas Kendall), Orca Productions, Canada
- Then Again (Kelly Makin), Sienna Films, Canada
- The Balance of the Souls (Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani), Sintra, Italy
- Shiver (Christina Andreef), Toi-Toi Films, Australia
- The Education of a Fairy (Jose Luis Cuerda), Tornasol Films, Spain
- The Great Match (Gerardo Olivares), Wanda Films, Spain
Rotterdam-Berlinale Express:
- Hand of the Headless Man (Guillaume Malandrin), La Parti Production,Belgium
- The Miracle of Montlhery (Rana'an Alexandrowicz), Lama Films, Israel
- White Male Heart (David Mackenzie), Hepp Film/ Brocken Spectre,Sweden/ Great